Drone Service/Training


Why Use Our Drones?

  • 85 minute flight time – capable of carrying three additional drones resulting in the longest air time available
  • Quickest recharging capability – less than one hour
  • Highest speed UAV – 100 miles per hour plus
  • Most advanced GPS on the market
  • Most accurate automated landing capabilities – within centimeters
  • Automatic recharging
  • Unique recharging network – resulting in an indefinite range
  • Flight controls over cellular connection
  • Flight controls up to 15 miles over radio frequency
  • Drones are equipped with balanced carbon fiber propellers
  • Multi-camera flight controls
  • First pilot capabilities – no distance restriction due to cellular data connection
  • Multi-drone carrier
  • Equipped with thermal camera for operation during any lighting conditions
  • FLIR thermal, multi-spectral in various weather conditions
  • All weather flight capabilities