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Drones The Next Generation

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We See You is proud to announce that we will be working in conjunction with the local Drone Service company to provide all your surveillance and data acquisition needs.

"With more than 25 years of aviation, business, and legal experience, We are aptly
poised to help you capitalize on this rapidly developing technology. Whether you are a drone pilot or you need a drone pilot for a project, DWS offers the resources you need to secure what you need from this industry. We specialize in connecting the right people with the right skills to the jobs that need them. DWS pilots can take pride in the fact that they were recruited, validated and selected, and not just another name added to a growing list of un-vetted people. DWS customers can feel confident that pilots chosen for the work they need accomplished have been hand-picked for their needs".

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Drone Workforce Solutions is a global technology and Strategic Business Solutions company. DWS provides solutions for businesses, organizations, and governments through the use of drones. We are dedicated to helping small unmanned aircraft(sUAS) pilots and everyday businesses work together to find innovative solutions for a rapidly-changing marketplace. Our experienced pilots know how to produce results in a wide range of industries whether they are creating 3D maps for an engineer, inspecting buildings for a construction crew or just capturing and editing video of a sports game. Through our training programs, we aim to develop the next generation of drone pilots to meet the growing demands of the aviation field. Even veteran pilots come to us to freshen up their skills, keep tabs on new developments or learn about job opportunities. Backed by over 25 years of legal, business, and aviation experience Drone Workforce Solutions is not only committed to producing top-quality work but using our network to transform the industry.

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New Joint Venture

Cyber Security Consulting Ops is a vendor-neutral consulting firm that specializes in Information Security Services. The team is experienced, trained and has been in information technology space since 1996. We have many network and technical certificates in information technology and cybersecurity fields with a broad range of information security skills supplemented by subject matter experts. We provide hardware and software security services for small to medium-size businesses. Cyber Security Consulting Ops consults customers on how to protect their assets from hackers, spammers and others who wish to do us harm.

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