Mission Statement


Your Partner For Business & Security Matters

Our mission Is to organize, manage, and implement a comprehensive safety and security program for our clients designed to protect life and property by preventing, detecting, and controlling unsafe or illegal conditions.

Our company boast over 65 years of Law Enforcement experience From University Policing to Municipal Policing. It is our goal to partner and service our clients with professionalism through our professional experience. You can benefit from our years of experience, as well as from the professional and reliable manner in which we conduct business. We See You LLC helps you find the right solutions for your security and safety needs.

Selected specialty services and training:

• Security Officer training course
• Workplace Safety Plans
• Disaster Recovery Plans
• Emergency Action Plans
• Fire Prevention Plans
• Site Security Plans
• Emergency Response Plans
• Continuity of Operation Plans
• Incident Command System NIMS / I-100 / I-200 /I-700